Financial Support

Belfast Met can assist your business in obtaining funding for our services.  There are numerous programmes that we can point you towards, popular ones of which are noted below

Product & Service Development

There are a number of programmes available to assist local businesses in developing products and services. Innovation Vouchers available through Invest NI, for example, provide up to £4,000 to assist your company in developing a new product or service. Belfast Met then effectively carry out the development work on your behalf. To find out more, click here

InnovateUs is a scheme that enables access to Belfast Met Composites services for businesses under 50 employees. The scheme enables a company to avail of technical mentoring for 30 hours at absolutely no cost to the business. Click here for further info.

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We have a proven track record in working on such projects in the area of composite materials, some of which are protected through NDAs.

Financial Support for Training Courses

The Department of Employment and Learning (DEL) can provide financial support of up to 75% of the cost of enhancing the skills of your workforce through their Customised Training Fund. Belfast Met’s role is to deliver the actual training. To find out more, click here

The InnovateUs Programme is an excellent method of receiving technical mentoring for your business in composites. The programme that is provided free of charge to businesses allows for 30 hours of technical mentoring in an area such as mould design, materials usage, etc. Click here for further information or contact us.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) / Fusion Projects

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are projects whereby a local business hires a graduate (from any institution) that is mentored for 6-36 months by an academic in the relevant field (ie by the Composites Team at Belfast Met). The KTP covers the cost of the academic’s time and a considerable portion of the graduate’s salary. Projects of this nature have proven highly successful to those businesses involved.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships at belfast met

For businesses in ROI using Belfast Met, the programme used is ‘Fusion’:

For businesses in NI using Belfast Met, the programme used is ‘KTP’: