Infra-Red Curing

F Strain of Belfast Met and G McGranaghan of Ceramicx

Ceramicx and Belfast Met recently took part in a knowledge transfer workshop at Ceramicx’s premises in Cork. Pictured L-R is Findhan Strain of Belfast Met and Gerard McGranaghan of Ceramicx.

Infra-red (IR) offers the potential to reduce curing energy by tailoring heating directly to the material in question as opposed to heating surrounding air and tooling. This results in potential cost-savings in energy consumption, tooling costs and cycle time reduction for companies utilising such technologies. Belfast Met currently use Infra-red in the curing and pre-forming of carbon fibre composite parts in the WIS hot drape former. Through this knowledge sharing, local businesses in NI will benefit from access to advanced curing methods and energy reduction possibilities through Belfast Met.

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