Tensile Testing Machine

Tensile Testing Machine Training

Zwick/Roell have completed the commissioning and training of a new 20kN tensile testing machine at Belfast Met. 

The tensile testing machine, located at the Millfield campus will advance the curriculum by providing students with access to the latest materials testing equipment. The new machine replaces out of date equipment with the ability to now test in a wide array of methods such as tension, compression, peel, insertion, etc. A comprehensive list of materials can also now be tested.

Findhan Strain of Belfast Met stated “We are delighted to have the new tensile tester installed in the College and is an example of our commitment to enhancing the existing curriculum and expanding our services to business. The incorporation of a bi-axial video extensomoter means accurate testing of non-monolithic materials will be possible, such as composite laminates which Im particularly interested in. As expected, initial tests have indicated the Zwick/Roell machine is of excellent quality and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Zwick/Roell on their excellent customer service.”


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